What I do

App Development
User Experience Advocate
Product Development
Web and Tech Literacy

Hello, I'm Carlos 🐣
I work as tech lead with a passion for product development and experimentation.

I'm into technology and when I'm not coding, I learn about product development and programming languages.

Lately, I've been integrating myself in the Latin America tech community.
(It is huge!)

I enjoy being a part of local groups Tulsa Web Devs and Tulsa UX.

There are a few projects I'm currently working on my Github profile.

A small collection of a few recent projects including some augmented reality applications as well as some 3D experiments using JavaScript.

Venus de Milo Low Polygon Visual Experiment | A visual experiement built with ThreeJs.


Canapé | A furniture simulator built to help users visualize fabric on 3D model built with ThreeJs.


Personal Landing Page | A visual experience built with ThreeJs

Other creative experience
A list of creative events, talks and small gigs I've been a part of.
  • 2018 Open-Source Contributor @ Mozilla Perf.html tool.
  • 2018 Open-Source Contributor @ Mozilla Debugger.
  • 2017 How the Web Works at Tulsa Public School.
  • 2015 Develop a Mobile App from idea to code implementation class at Oklahoma State University.
  • 2015 Continues Self-Optimization at 200ok Conf.
  • 2014 Data-Driven Design Presentation as Tulsa Techfest OSU.
  • 2012 Rebranded, Tulsa SPCA as well as participated and managed online promotion and fundraisers.